Intra-company training

These specific training opportunities respond to precise issues for which we have developed a unique and original intra-company training offer. This can be adapted in order to be able to create with you the solution which meets your requirements.

We select or create the content of the training so that it corresponds to the special requirements of your sector of activity, your company, its culture and, of course, to the objectives you have set for this initiative.

Examples of intra-company training :



• The organic and biological fertility of the soil (humic balance, richness, activity and diversity of soil organisms)
• Diagnosis of the soil: field observation tools (profile, spade test)
• Values and limits of foliar mineral inputs





• Diagnosis of the soil and plants in field crops: soil fertility and plant nutrition management tools
• Rationale for nitrogen fertilisation: interpretation of residual nitrogen according to the balance-sheet method.
• Phosphorus management in field crops
• Management of secondary elements and trace elements in maize cultivation
• Fertilise while limiting abiotic stresses
• Alternative methods in tobacco production




• The main principles of vine nutrition
• Analysis of perennial crops: understanding them in relation to the pedoclimate
• Iron and iron chlorosis
• Nitrogen residues: interest in arboriculture and viticulture
• Nutrition and quality of the fruit / harvest
• Calcium management in arboriculture




• Substrates, water and nutrient solutions: technical knowledge of growing media (manufacturer’s audience)
• Above-ground substrates (user public)





• Selecting and enhancing the analysis of ornamental green spaces (parks and gardens)
• Soil analysis in sports grounds





• Technical management of an urban or industrial effluent treatment plant
• Technical management of a drinking water or industrial process water treatment plant
• Metrology and maintenance of self-monitoring systems on site






• Organic soil improvers: which tests to meet the regulations in force? How to interpret the tests?
• Agronomic characterisation and safety of organic products
• Interpretation of compost analysis
• Fertilization using sludge from wastewater treatment plants



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In the event of strong demand on one of these themes, intra-company sessions may be organised at Auréa sites or in the regions. This programme of training takes into account the changing needs of the public affected as well as regulatory, economic and technical developments. Auréa is an approved training organisation, so the cost of training can be included in your training budget.