Water and the industrial environment

We are specialised in wastewater analysis throughout France. We can offer a wide range of water analysis services (on-site operations, analyses, audits, consultancy services) for urban and industrial treatment systems.
Thanks to our expertise, we can meet the specific expectations of the sector in terms of analytical deadlines, competitive pricing, on-site operations and consultancy services. We can also offer a wide range of specific services for analyses and studies relating to the natural environment (surface water, ground water) aiming to measure the effects of industrial operations and discharges on the former.

Our analytical expertise

Aurea can offer the right solution for all of your problems:

  •  Urban and industrial treatment: auto-monitoring systems, micro-pollutants
  • Monitoring the quality of aqueous discharges (leachates, auto-monitoring of industrial wastewater, ZDHC, assistance and audits, metrology)
  • Testing the natural environment (ground water, surface water)
  • Rainwater testing (monitoring hydrocarbon separators, rainwater from classified sites or motorway
    networks, testing for potential pollutants, metrology, etc.)
  • Assistance, training and audits, metrology, pilot testing of on-site or laboratory treatment
  • Water network testing (water supplied to the food and agricultural sectors, on-board water supplies)
  • Waste (testing for potential pollutants, agronomic use)
  • Sediments (testing for potential pollutants, agronomic use, interstitial water)




Our customers :

  • Treatment plant operators
  • Engineering firms
  • Industrial operators – Environmentally classified sites
  • Public authorities


  • A-to-Z in-house service management: from taking samples to using results
  • Rapid responses to your requests
  • 100% available contacts

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