The importance of agronomic and environmental analyses has increased significantly in farming operations over the past half-century. Analyses are used as a key decision-making tool, reconciling production targets and environmentally-friendly technical itineraries. For the last 50 years, Auréa has systematically targeted innovative solutions, providing the basis for a modern agricultural segment, supplying quality food for all while protecting the environment.

Our analytical expertise

Auréa support services to meet your requirements in the field:

  • Nutrition and fertilisation (soil, plants, fruits and berries)
  • Plant health
  • Input quality (water and effluents, fertilisers and amendments, ferti-irrigation)
  • Environmental impact (livestock effluent management, regulatory checks)
  • Sale of analyses (in-house telemarketing unit)
  • Sampling (our team of 130 samplers is available throughout France)
  • Agronomic platform: expertises (customised studies), advice, customised studies, training, etc
  • Extranet for access to analyses, to track samples and obtain statistical summaries of your analytical databases
  • Our agronomists can train your technicians


Our customers :

  • Wholesalers
  • Cooperatives
  • Chamber of agriculture
  • Viticulturist
  • Arboriculturist
  • Market gardeners
  • Horticulturists
  • Truffle farmers
  • Nurseries
  • Park and garden managers
  • Crop-livestock farmers
  • Engineering firms

Total market share

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Nitrogen residue analyses / year

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