Organic farming

For many years, AUREA has established its position as a key operator for organic farming, now and in the future. We can offer a range of services such as determining the agronomic properties of farm effluents and composts, or checking that sludge complies with regulations on agricul￾tural spreading and fertilisers meet NF standards.

Our analytical expertise

Auréa support services to meet your requirements in the field:

  • Agronomic benefits (chemical, physical, biological and biochemical analyses)
  • Compositional safety (organic and metal trace elements, inert components and impurities)
  • Microbiological properties
  • Checking compliance with regulations
  • Checking for pollutants
  • Operational advice
  • On-site sampling

Our customers :

  • Compost platform operators
  • Organic amendment and fertiliser manufacturers
  • Anaerobic digestion plants
  • Livestock farmers
  • Engineering firms
  • Public authorities
  • Farm shops
  • Chambers of agriculture
  • Technical and research centres

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